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Now it is so obviously true that actually I find it boring.
Keith Rabois on the death of the Web and the rise of Mobile. (via davemorin)
#1 Be healthy. Are startups all about pulling all nighters and eating ramen noodles? Steve Jobs wasn’t like that in his early days, Metcalfe argues. You need to be healthy. “Don’t buy into this bullshit that you need to drive yourself into the ground,” he said. “You should sleep eight hours a day. The trick is to figure out when you need to get up and then go to sleep eight hours before that.”
my favorite game apps by Joel Brodie

my favorite game apps by Joel Brodie

good story on rovio fo angry birds

Farmville revolt!

brilliant, glenn beck.  this may possibly be the only person holding a gun that does not scare me…

Interesting article about Russian tycoon, Yuri Milner, who has invested in Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, and Twitter.  Gamezebo next?  Ha ha

More evidence that the new trend in games is social mobile.  Now gimme some of dat money!